Monday, 9 May 2011

Grace's business venture

I can't send her to Dragons Den with it as it's not a new concept but I am chuffed that Mummy has a cunning plan for Birdie to earn her keep. Or at least contribute to it.

I can reassure you I have no plans for setting up a sweat shop in the new shed although I confess I did give it consideration - Matt the Husband reckoned on squeezing 4 sewing machines in, 5 at a push but we don't have anything that needs sewing so that was a non-starter.
Taking the idea from the Zen Habits blog (see our favourite things list), I have signed graceandme up for AdSense with google. Quite what this means I have yet to be enlightened - I gather it's me saying it's OK for google to place relevant ads on my page which I receive an income on based on the number of readers who click on the link.

I'll keep you posted. We'll put the money to one side for Grace's first pony. For now she'll have to make do with Karl.

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