Saturday, 7 May 2011

Nine months none the richer

It should be Sixpence none the richer - the Texan pop/rock band from the 90's. I like to pick my titles from random things that pop into my head, so here you have it - Grace is nine months old, and I am certainly no richer. Well not financially. But I DO feel richer in my life per se - she's taking up such a large part of it, I can't help feel happy and content. She must be rubbing off on me. (No filth please, this is a family blog!)

Nine months in. Wow! Little birdie has been alive almost as long as she was sat inside me waiting to say hello to the big wide world. Many mothers I speak to seem to be on a roller coaster ride, as I am too... ups and downs, fear, excitement, tears and without a doubt the odd rant and tantrum. Matt the Husband is ever sporting - he learnt a long time ago to grin and bear it, and he does so ever so well. He has the odd blip where he turns into an irrational dribbler who can't form an argument for toffee and this leads to frustration on both parts because there's nothing I love more than a jolly good spar. Nonetheless, we haven't put coins into the sin tin for ages and Grace hasn't either - although she might be forming the odd word or two, there is nothing remotely akin to a swear word, thankfully.

Back to business. Grace is now merrily clapping her hands with gusto, beginning to bum-shuffle (copied the technique from Dimitris yesterday I believe), and sprouting baby teeth like they are going out of fashion. Six to date and still drooling.
Her sitting is spot on now - very stable and certainly her favoured position to be left in while I get on with 'jobs'. I have yet to have her weighed for her nine month milestone as I'm seeing the health visitor in the week and she'll be doing it then. I do know she's growing... her 12-18 month clothes are fitting exceptionally well and in some cases looking a little popeye.
Her legs have sprung into action this week and she loves doing squats while we support her under the arms. A pliƩ, if you will.

Ballet aside, she's a little poppet and everybody comments on what a charming little girl she is. Here here!

So there you have it, nine months Grace, one skint Mummy. Parenthood - wouldn't swap it for anything.

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