Sunday, 5 June 2011

Flying the nest

Not Grace - me.

I'm having a peculiar day. A good friends' Father once said I was a peculiar girl, so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that I am having a peculiar day. Weird weird weird.

I am leaving Grace for the first time for, not just a few hours, but for 3 nights as I trot off to Madrid for work. We've spent the whole weekend together, me and the little lady, and I have to say I don't much feel like leaving her behind. Pocket size as she may be at the moment, I doubt Grace would fit or go unnoticed in my little case, since she is already taller and noisier than the worlds smallest man - Junrey Balawing from the Philippines, standing a mere 56cm tall. (Grace at last count was about 65). So as it stands I will be leaving her behind with Matt the Husband, Daisy-woof and a list as long as my arm of things I think are important (but to most are probably pointless and unnecessary twaddle) as I fly off to a very nice hotel in Spain for a two day conference on Business Continuity Management, thank you very much.

It's not that I am worried that Grace will go without while I am gone - Matt the Husband dotes on her. But a mother is a mummy... and Gracie needs her Mummy.

We had a wonderful day together today and I am sad to be going away.
A late Sunday morning breakfast of bacon on warmed ciabatta with a rather large dollop of ketchup followed by a mid-morning snooze that embarassingly took over much of the day seeing us wake a little after 1pm. After a rather late picnic lunch at the park, we enjoyed a wonderful sunny walk with D-W bouncing through the wild grasses with Grace chattering and giggling up on her perch on her Daddy's back.
Grace and I then had a particularly indulgent afternoon cat nap, snuggling in the double bed together while Matt the Husband made another bumbled attempt at DIY downstairs. It's the first time since the London Marathon weekend we have fallen asleep together, my heartbeat soothing her to sleep while her fluffy chicken hair (which is getting thicker by the day) tickled my nose... I wish to God those moments could happen more often - life is too busy and it's rare we can just BE.
A little magic later we ate together as a family, as we always do in the evenings, before Grace had her bathtime and bedtime routine.

It's her first night in her new lowered mattress cot - she's rolled over twice this weekend, which is a new trick for her, so we have moved the mattress level down so there is no risk of her pulling herself up and over. Bless her heart, when we put her to bed this evening she was dozing after a bottle of milk as she always does, but looking quizzically from side to side thinking to herself - I know this is my bed... and yet I know something has changed. She melts my heart.

In a nutshell then, I'm leaving my baby girl for the first time. I love her to the moon and back, Mummy's little button.

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