Sunday, 26 June 2011

Jolly in June

Beautiful blue eyes... I'm keeping everything crossed that they stay blue!

Busy busy week this one! Matt the Husband has been on leave from work and we've been taking every opportunity to get out and about in the sunshine, Grace and Daisy-woof in tow. We've met up with the Aged Parents at a half way point near Lincoln for lunch which saw Grace grizzly with a fever and ear infection (since fixed by a wonderful GP and a bottle of drugs). Grace has learnt to bum-shuffle on the kitchen floor (albeit backwards) and has also been relishing the zinging of her taste buds with new additions to her menu such as gooseberries and dates.

The clock is ticking and we're making a mental note that somebody's B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y is not too far away now - wow, a year in the making! The reminder came when we went to Berrie's birthday party - one whole year since she came into this world, and Grace bless her is only seven short weeks behind her. Seven short weeks but the endless differences between their development are truly amazing to me. Berrie is just about tottering her way across the lounge, kneeling to open presents and generally commanding the stage as every good birthday girl should do. Grace on the other hand seems content sitting on her squishy little bottom, stretching for the odd toy and occasionally rolling over in her cot.... she's a girl that is going to like Sundays I think.

Bounding towards the camera at Berries 1st birthday party...

Talking of birthdays, Matt the Husband is predicted to go 100% grey in just the few short weeks between now and when Grace turns one sometime in August. A natural faff at D.I.Y he's spent two perfectly sunny afternoons pacing the grass in the garden scratching his head and wondering if he's bitten off more than he can chew.
Don't be silly (i hear you cry - he's a Langdale - good appetites them lot).
Seriously though, his comfort zone when it comes to D.I.Y is going through the self-service checkout at B&Q - doing it himself - not necessarily heavy graft, and certainly nothing that is due to be there in the garden for all to see for a very long time. Yes, he is in charge of PROJECT BIRTHDAY. Shhh, don't tell the baby, (and of course any donations for a bottle of 'just for men' can be sent to my paypal account).

Enough of my prattle - it's because Grace is in bed now and I'm writing this and watching a re-run of Coldplay on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2011 last night. Grace, for future reference - they are a very good band indeed.

What else did we do this week? We went swimming again (although it did take a fair amount of coaxing on Matt the Husbands part), visited the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds and flitted around Yorkshire in the glorious weather making the most of our time together before work starts again tomorrow. Bar humbug. Anyway, happy June - the longest day has been and gone and it wont be long before I'm digging out the 10 tog duvet to keep us toasty at night - in the meantime, Grace is in her smalls tonight - its 27c in her bedroom as she sleeps - it's 9pm. Happy heatwave Yorkshire!!

The look on her face? Suncream tastes funny....

Refusing to give up the empty box of raisins...

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