Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Hi friends! I hope you enjoyed father's day as much as we did. Marking the first of many father's days to come we started off with a morning trip to the local swimming pool. This speaks volumes as only once before in the history of Matt the Husband and me have I known the hairy beast to strip down to his shorts and take a dip. It's a long story and I'm not going to go there today, just take it from me that Matt + Swimming pool = ACHIEVEMENT!

Grace hasn't been swimming for a while as we've been so very busy getting into the swing of life now I'm back at work but we're planning on making it a regular thing now Matt the Husband has his water wings out of the closet. Grace took a while to warm up but a few songs from her Daddy to get her in the mood had her giggling and waving her arms about like the crazy child she is. For me it was a nice excuse to rattle off a few lengths and it felt good!

In the afternoon we took Daisy-woof for a long walk through the woods and across the meadows on the outskirts of Leeds. The rain held for us and the sun came out which made a wonderful end to a wonderful day.

Here's the card that Grace made....
You can't quite make it out on the photo but there are some very random crayon scribbles on the grill of the car - clever bear!

A little father's day prayer inspired by our local church -
Celebrating fathers today. For the joys and privilege of fatherhood, we give thanks to God our heavenly Father.

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