Monday, 27 June 2011

Pushy Parents

Not in the realm of anything your kid can do, my kid can do better... and certainly not along the lines of baby ballet Monday, baby signing Tuesday, baby swimming wednesday, baby zumba thursday and so on and so on.... I'm referring to buggy fit. Or buggy flop as it turned out for me today - which peaked at 32c sometime late afternoon as I took cover in the haven that is an air conditioned car.

So what's pushy? The buggy silly!

We started off, Grace and me, by taking Daisy for a spin at Temple Newsam park where normally she would run crazy darting from place to place and generally giving herself a monster cardio session without much thought or effort from yours truly. Grace full from weetabix and yoghurt for breakfast conked out in the buggy and so I was left wheezing like a retired donkey as I pushed Grace up and down the hills while Daisy (much to my annoyance) reckoned it was too hot and simply plodded along beside us.

Job done, Grace and I headed down to Canon Hall near Barnsley where we met an old friend Amanda and her 19 month old daughter Brooke. (Note: Amanda is not old, but I have known her 18 years so it makes me at least feel old).
Last time I saw them both Brooke spent much of her time munching healthy snacks and generally babbling and smiling at anyone and everyone. Not much has changed - the first dog walker we met had to divert into the rhodedendron bushes to avoid the chatter - the second couple, older folk out in the park for a late morning stroll, were happy making baby talk and actually commented "you talk alot don't you?"... "yes" Brooke replied with a big smile. Cute child!!

Grace did good taking it all in and plotting how best to fast track her current capabilities to be able to chase Brooke across the grass and eat the little stones from the pathway, just like Brooke. And Brooke bless her was probably doing the same with Amanda and myself, since she took on role of Mummy and shovelled her own fromage frais into Graces mouth with a wobbly spoon and stole sips of drink from the water cup (just like Mummy does).

Anyway, back to the pushy parents - we took a nice walk round the park pushing the buggy's, some of it up hill, and I'm not sure it was the heat of the day that had my legs aching towards the end. UNFIT ALERT!!
I'm not bothered - I don't have time to be bothered - especially since I will try not to leave it six months before I meet up with Amanda and Brooke again.

Our work here is done....

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