Thursday, 22 September 2011

Blues and Twos

Grace and I can now tick off 'ride in emergency vehicle' as one of our 100 things to do before we die.


We arrived at A&E under our own steam with Grace presenting with a non-blanching petechial rash on her face which was gradually spreading. Based on her presentation there, we were whizzed across to the Childrens Assessment Unit at another hospital by an Ambulance going full pelt with flashers and sirens. She's been fine in herself as such, just nursery said she was cranky which is unusual for Grace and of course the rash (which they didnt notice in the dull lighting, twits). So I wasn't overly worried as meningococcal meningitis tends to present with other symptoms as well as a rash and she was just too perky to be poorly really. That said, the ambulance trip did put the wind up me a bit as I didn't really see the urgency - I would have quite happily have driven myself over from one hospital to another.

Nothing unusual on clinical ex apart from raised white blood cells indicating infection and the Paediatrician supposes she has a viral infection working it's way through as her lymph nodes and tonsils are all on the big side too. Assuming the rash doesn't spread or any other symptoms crop up, we were free to go home. Great service from the Hospital Staff although it did seem like an endless wait in a room with no mobile phone reception (with Grace asleep in the cot) for the results of the bloods to come back - an adventure lasting 7 hours no less.

One interesting little revelation - the Doc heard a definite systolic heart murmur again - when apparently we got the all clear from the PDA last year when she saw the Cardiologist at the LGI. Odd - and something to pick up with next time we see Dr Jones back home.

So sleepy Mummy and Gracie bear today after our night time escapade. She's sleeping it off with Mr Rabbit, rash still in situ, while I work the grindstone.

Thank heavens for the NHS. Very lucky we are in this country - grateful indeed x

Gracie Bear flat out in the Hospital waiting for blood results...


  1. Hope all is ok, I took my youngest in a blue and white several times earlier this year didnt really enjoy the hospital stays!

    sending hugs x

  2. It's such a worry when stuff like this happens, a test of strength for everyone concerned. Hugs gratefully recieved!