Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Money Bags

Having run dry on items from the closet to sell on eBay I have spread my wings and gone wild, having signed up for Mystery Shopping and Market Research. I have my first Mystery Shopping Assignment planned in for 28th Sept - a local pizza chain - you can see why I was drawn to that one no doubt. And I'm waiting to hear back on my first Market Research activity - sitting on a focus group for homeowners under 35. Having this revenue stream coming in, albeit slowly and drip drip drip, we're heading in the right direction for sure. Grace is needing some bigger clothes soon and so replenishing the kitty is a useful activity especially since the autumn nights are drawing in and we can't be as active on an evening. I was a bit skeptical of the Mystery Shopping thing - although having read the 6 page brief they've sent me on how to order a pizza, take delivery of it and eat it I am now assured they are looking more kosha. They re-imburse me for the spend on the food and I get a fee of a few bob too - this wont clear the mortgage, but it does give us a night in with a takeaway, something we dont tend to treat ourselves to much since Grace arrived. I'll let you know how it goes. Anyone with experiences to share?


  1. good luck, i signed up once but never completed an assignment!

  2. I know the feeling - I'm having anxiety over it already, so many instructions I can see I'm going to fluff it and end up forking out for the pizza myself!