Monday, 19 September 2011

Nanny Wheels!

When we were younger we all knew our grandparents by one nickname or another, Big Nanny, Little Nanny, Grandad Cambridge. Well Grace has a Nanny Wheels. For those of you that remember the slightly embarrassing house dance moves big fish little fish cardboard box, I bring you Big Nanny Little Nanny Nanny Wheels.

Actually that's a bit of a stretch. Grace has a Nanny Wheels, Grandma Cake (I would have said Grandma Buns but I didn't want you getting the wrong impression), and Grandpa (or Bampy). The point of this post is pointless (you might have gathered already), other than to share the name of my Mother that tickled me when my neice called her Nanny Wheels last week. Love it! Nanny + Wheelchair = COOL!!!

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