Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sherpa on wheels

Aside from the kitchen sink, we're going to be travelling light. We have to be - lady Grace is taking so much stuff we're short on space and then to throw a bit of excitement into the mix, my dear old sister has won a wine fridge on eBay and has bent my arm behind my back to pick that up for her on the way to our rendesvous in Wales. I wouldn't mind, but she doesn't drink so no wet thank you for me!

I love Wales - Snowdonia, it's my second home. We go every year and I love the place to bits, rain, cloud and beautiful scenery to reset my inner balance and set me up for the blustery slog that is the run up to Christmas. Sometimes in September, Wales even offers out a sunny day - this picture was from our last visit just before Matt and me became three.

So back to the sherpa thing - I never realised how complicated life would become. For us, we cram a few bits into a rucksack at the last minute and if I need to nip to a corner store for something I've forgotten it's usually no great shakes. We did travel to Norfolk for a holiday once without any underwear (not a fetish I assure you) - and had a great giggle watching Matt the Husband coming back from the late night Tesco with granny pants high enough I could tuck my boobs in. But I can't do that with Grace, for starters knickers like that would probably do better as a sleeping bag liner for someone her size and beyond that, she likes the things she likes. If we forget Mr Rabbit we're all in for a sleepless week.

I started my checklist at the weekend and it's growing by the hour. I need to pack tonight while Matt the Husband is roaming Yorkshire for the wine fridge, leaving me to get the boot of the car packed to precision. He'd only get in the way bless him, and I'm better at getting the best use out of awkward spaces. The buggy takes up a lot of room in the boot (have remembered puncture repair kit!), and we have the Bushbaby carrier for Grace so we can do some off-road walking. I have then had a genius idea to take a mini chest of drawers so I don't need to bother unpacking and then repacking her clothes when we get there - I'm just taking it all. Beyond that, we have stuff for swimming, colouring, building, reading, feeding, drinking, dirtying, cleaning, sleeping (but since the baby monitor went a few days back, no beeping).

If I'm lucky, I can fit myself into drive, a map book so I can find it and a bundle of cash to pay for the weeks fun. It's going to be interesting sleeping in the same room as Grace, we've only done that for a night when we stayed in London the weekend Matt the Husband did the Marathon. We're taking a sheet to cover the travelcot with to block out some light so we can read before bed or catch the bedtime news headlines. It'll be fine, we'll probably get a good rest out of the experience as we'll go off when she does. I'm giddy as a kipper - Can't wait - it's going to be great.

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