Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bag Bog

A few days away from the nest last week and I return to find my 19 month old daughter's vocab has come on leaps and bounds. Driving home from the station, I'm peppered with fake sneezes... "Ha HA HAA CHOOO!"... laced with giggles that shake her shoulders and make her look ever so cute in the rear view mirror, she continues this for a few minutes and then does a real sneeze that shivers her timbers to the core judging by the look on her face and the bogey that flies out to rest on the back of the passenger seat head rest. Nice. It's lucky Matt the Husband isn't with me - she might have got his hair.

Arriving home to a wet welcome from the dog to the tune of a thousand kisses, Grace puts her hands on her hips and makes her annoyance clear, exclaiming "bag bog" (bad dog). The dog ignores her mostly, but she's getting her point across as eventually the dog gives up and goes on to something else. We take a trip out to the local RSPB reserve and she immitates the ducks "whack whack" (quack quack).. she's just so adorable and I'm so in love with my little bean... can't you tell? I ignore the fact she 'whack whack's for horses and birds too... she's doing great.

Anyway, I'm busy playing catch up this week. I feel like I've been away for ages - 3 nights away can really throw your routine out. Best go, the grindstone is calling.....


  1. Anyone who can run on boat tops and island hop in Thailand surely can handle a little cutie baby! Or can one? Ahhhh! The joys of motherhood!

    1. I'm trying Nora, I really am!! There's something to be said for youth - travelling seems to be a thing of the past for now! x