Monday, 26 March 2012

Early for Grass Stains?

Is there such a thing as a regression for walking? I have heard of sleep regression in toddlers, but never a walking regression. Often said to accompany development in one area, a regression can spring at any time. Sleep I was prepared for. But this?

Three days on the trot now, Grace has finished the day with a grass stains on her backside bolder than our old friend 'Katherine' from Judy Blume's controversial 70s 'Forever' novel. I'm nonplussed, until today I catch her in the act.

We're out at the RSPB reserve again, feeding the birds and generally making a little bit more noise than one might get away with if it weren't for the three toddlers in tow. Tucking my noisy-pass in my back pocket, I watch as Grace trots off into the sunshine with her friends Berry and Grace-Rebecca. All is well for a time, they're picking duck poo off the deck with their finger nails and feeding each other mealworms. And then it happens.

Grace plonks her bottom on the grass, and starts bum-shuffling across the floor. Fast. I'm stunned into silence for a moment - she's covered some turf. And her pink spotty leggings have a very telling green streak right across the backside.

Just you wait till your Father gets home, I tell her.

She repeats this grass-skimming several times throughout the day for no obvious reason other than to put my sketchy-at-best laundry skills to the test.

Let's hope Vanish lives up to it's name.

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