Saturday, 3 March 2012

No blue babies in this village!

 The pep talk worked. With last weekends memory of walking in shirt sleeves with blue hands still burning a hole in my Yorkshire hardened heart, I was dreading venturing out for a wander round the local RSPB reserve. But worry not. A few quiet words from Mummy along the lines of 'today you're wearing something warm whether you like it or not' at a time when she'd just woken up from an afternoon nap and didn't have the co-ordination to mount an offensive, we set off the three of us for a walk in the sunshine. Doe eyed from sleep yet with a spring in her step to rival Upsy Daisy, we paddled round the reserve taking in the wee details... moss on tree, daffodils in early bloom, snowdrops tingling in the light breeze. Beautiful. And the best thing of all? Grace got some fresh air and we managed to keep her fleece on all the way round. Round of applause where it's due please.
Thank you.

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