Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Talking of Essex

Pot kettle black. That's what my family are thinking.

I must confess there's not a lot wrong with Arg a.k.a. James Argent or TOWIE for that matter. Agreed, the photos of him in the recent release of NOW Magazine aren't the most flattering (catching his good side, his bad side and in the beach shot, his backside too) but I don't care much for picking on folk so I thought I'd pop back and set the page straight. He's ok. Like I said yesterday, not my cup of tea, but ok.

As for Essex, I shouldn't chortle too much. Southern bird that I am, spent the first 18 years of my life in the TOWIE stomping ground - I am after all Essex born and bred. That's half my life.

Now I feel old.

So yep, cards on the table... there's nowt wrong with Essex folk or anyone darn sarf for that matter. I still get the willies when I think about Grace dating someone like Arg though. Give me an Olly Murs any day. Fortunately I have another 18 years till I really need to worry about that one. Hopefully.

Anyway, just so Arg knows there's no hard feelings and the Essex crowd don't put a bounty on my head, here's a relic or two from the past (that in all likelihood should have stayed there). My friend Kim will hate me for this!

Essex.... 18 years ago...

Oh, and while I remember - an update on giving up swearing for lent. Going good here.
I did have one major setback when I spoke to my cousin Christina on the phone - also from Essex - and a potty mouth if ever I heard one. Chatting away as one does, I found myself slipping into the conversation, an F here, and F there simply to keep up with her. I had to get off the blower quick before there was any permanent damage to my lent committment. As her Husband pointed out later - you can take the girl out of Essex, but you can't take Essex out of the girl. Damn right!

Christina and me 2010

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