Saturday, 7 April 2012

Down on the farm

We headed off to Canon Hall Farm in Yorkshire today for Grace to experience some new sights and sounds. Still a little cautious, Grace overcame her fear of touching rabbits, got her shoe nibbled by a goat and was petrified by the noise the pinkies in the pig pen made. She got over it by munching on a ham sandwich for lunch. Karma.



  1. Ah love the pictures. I would like to take Youngling to the farm but its about £10 for the two of us. Let alone if I ask Nanna to come along. There are some nice free farms but we need to drive there - I don't have a car at the moment. Glad we get to share your pics though :-) Keep them coming xx

    1. It can be tough juggling can't it. I used to take Grace to Pets at Home when I had the time, let on I was tossing up between getting a rabbit or a guinea pig. Never mind the dog would eat it, but it got her a free petting session :0)