Monday, 9 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday (9/4/12)

Unable to curb the urge any longer I am jumping on the Meal Planning Monday linky hosted by Mrs M over at at home with Mrs M and with any luck it will see me being a little more motivated in the kitchen. With over a week to go until pay day, dining this week will be a frugal affair as I make the best of the stock in the cupboard and cobble together whatever I can dig out of the freezer. Friday and Saturday will see me foraging in someone elses cupboards as we find ourselves house sitting over at the Scanlons while they head off for the wedding of the year.

Monday: bacon and root vegetable stew
Tuesday: chickpea curry
Wednesday: jacket potato with chilli con carne
Thursday: quick pasta
Friday: ???
Saturday: ???
Sunday: roast gammon with onion sauce

I'm only working two days this week so I'll take leftover stew for lunches. I do love a good soup! Grace is just about getting to grips with liquid on a spoon so soup is a good option for us at the moment, filling, cheap and healthy. Bonza!


  1. Ooh how organised are you ;-) I should start doing this then I wont waste so much money on rubbish. I am actually starting to eat too much pasta again in a bid not to spend too much on food. Like bacon, veg, pasta carbonara. Sausage and tomatoe pasta bake. Spag bol etc. Good for you for doing this :-) xx

    1. Planning it and sticking to it are two separate things! Pasta is my downfall, hence the fact I have started running. Must eat carbs x