Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Have you seen this Rabbit?


Mr RABBIT. 6" tall. Last seen Sunday, Grace's bedroom. Hops.

You'll know the one. Much loved and relied upon snuggy. Toddler attachment to said snuggy.

We had it covered. We have FOUR, yes FOUR of these little cretins. Two pink, two white.

And the mistake?

Letting Grace KNOW there are four.

Result when one goes AWOL?




(And that's just me in response to Grace's knowledge there is one absent).

Please please, if you can spare a moment to check behind a cushion, under the sofa, in the shed, much obliged. My daughter has sentenced me to a lifetime of guilt.

I thought I was smart. I thought I was clever, clocking up four Mr Rabbits. Teaching her to count. Being generous, letting her play with all four. I was wrong. I see the error of my ways.

I'm not gloating now.

Wish me luck. *Sobs*

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