Monday, 31 January 2011

A day of firsts

Numero Uno: Sitting unaided.

VERY proud Mummy. Matt the Husband and I were at the nursery where Grace is starting next week, for a familiarisation session, when woah there Grace, she stayed sat up when I moved away from supporting her. Yes indeedy friends, Grace sat with her hands on her knees for long enough for me to get giddy and for everyone in the room to ooo and arrrr. Of course my challenge now is to capture this on the camera!

Numero Due: First nursery session.

Grace, being the big girl she is, had an hour's play at nursery today. She's back tomorrow for an hour and this time we will leave her there with the other babies in the Pixie Room under the care of her key worker Dolomey. Then on Wednesday she's going to be very grown up, spending half a day there in preparation for next week when she has her first full day. The price has gone up since we made the reservation for her, but I suppose should be doing a mexican wave or something as apparently the fee includes her own school bag for her to keep her nappy rash cream in along with anything else I wish to send her in with. I'm thrilled. Sarcasm aside, I'm looking forward to it - the nursery has a strong Ofsted rating and I'm confident the staff do a sterling job... and I know that's what counts.

Numero tre: the chickpea curry face

Shame that it is that we didn't eat dinner tonight with the camera poised, Grace thoroughly enjoyed stuffing fistfuls of chickpea curry and rice into her readily munching mouth... nom nom nom. Such mess, but oh such fun to watch.

Grace on a play date with Scarlet and Berrie

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