Sunday, 23 January 2011

Treasure Hunt!

Heuristic play anyone?
It's a little early in the day for fancy words, but I've woken with my fancy head on, and anyone reading this shall suffer right along with me! Heuristic play is a phrase coined by a child psychologist (Elinor Goldschmed) some 30 or so years ago to describe the activity of babies playing with 'objects' as opposed to 'toys'. These objects are from the 'real world' and will trigger the babies senses of sight, touch, taste and so on... in other words they are stimulated into a rich learning experience. I suppose it makes sense - our world is dominated by plastic toys that all look, feel, taste the same give or take. So I woke early this morning and decided I'd scour the house for objects to create a treasure basket for Grace. She'll be able to sit properly soon enough, and it'll be nice to have something cheap and cheerful, as well as interesting to play and explore with.

So let the treasure hunt begin! It's on my list to snaffle these items over the next few days...

Natural: pine cone, pumice stone
Metal: whisk, teaspoon
Rubber: bath plug, door stop
Wooden: spoon, curtain ring
Card: egg box, toilet roll tube
Textile: flannel and shower puff, small knitted toy
Other: cork, hair brush, mirror

When I've got all the treasure gathered, I'll be sure to post a picture for you to have a look out. Until then... Grace enjoying her fake toys...

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