Sunday, 9 January 2011

There's something about Mary

She's a Saint. I do apologise to my mother-in-law for this, as I'm not referring to her (although she does bake exceedingly good cakes). I'm talking about St Mary's Church and our first service with Grace this morning. Wrapped up warm in a very cute bear-suit (Grace), we headed off with Gran Fran to the sung Eucharist at 10am. A beautifully sunny morning cleverly disguised the sheet ice lurking on every windswept corner, making us a wee bit late and rushing for a pew in the back. Grace behaved impeccably throughout the service, despite having to listen to Matt the Husband mumbling half-hearted hymns off key and out of time. He says he'd like to join the choir to help his singing voice, but I think he ought to refrain, it's probably the Christian thing to do.
Grace received her first blessing during Holy Communion and we're pleased she's had such a pleasant introduction to the Church. We chatted briefly to Ian the Vicar after the service about fixing a date for having Grace Baptised. The church isn't in our Parish, but Gran Fran attends regularly and the family have other links with the Church so he agreed, which has made us very happy parents. It's a delightful church and we're hoping Grace will become involved with the children's activities as she grows up.
So it's fixed, Sunday 27th March. Woo!!

Credit for this pic goes to the St. Mary's.

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