Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Salt Police

Salt. Today we have had the last supper. Tomorrow 'no added salt' cooking begins. Let the taste cessation commence. I joke because I'm not looking forward to it - we've had salt added to food during preparation all my life so this salt situation is not something I relish. This is all in preparation for home-cooking with Gracie, and salt as we all know is bad for us and especially so for babies. Apparently her kidneys can't cope with salt at this stage, so until she is 1 year old she can take in no more than 0.4g sodium per day. To put that into context, Grace can enjoy 2 x 15ml servings of Heinz tomato ketchup before the Salt Police come knocking. Shocking isn't it? I've just googled our favourite bread for the ingredients, and the first hit is a report from the 2008 Telegraph news page with a feature on how the manufacturer has the highest content of salt per slice than any other in the UK. Amazingly it has 12% more salt per slice than Tesco's own. Scandalous!! Seems we're going without our favourite bread as well as salt in cooking!

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