Monday, 31 January 2011

Weaning wonders

Our independent girly takes after her Mummy. Not that I need spoon feeding, more that I am an independent girly. Grace is independent in as much as she refuses to be fed by grown ups. She is just not willing to forgo the power of feeding herself.

Her favourites to date include:
Baked aubergine, baked courgette, garlic bread, toast with olive spread, apple, raw red pepper, steamed broccoli, fromage frais, rice cakes, carrot and steamed baby corn.

And here's a few pics of her efforts. Of course, if it's sloppy she needs a spoon loading for her. After that she's happy going it alone!

Getting prepared for FOOOOD!

Mmm. Porridge!

Oops! Porridge...

Banana & Broccoli.

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