Saturday, 12 February 2011

6 months

I'll get the cliche out the way with 'where has the time gone' and 'it has flown by' although I will say I agree with the cliches - IT HAS!!

Dear little Grace Mae....

You are now 6 months old. I feel I should be popping a cork or blowing a whistle to let people know of your coming of age, as your Daddy and I are proud as punch. Although we see you everyday, we never tire of looking at you and we were only saying to each other yesterday how much you are changing so quickly. After swimming today we said how we thought you were already becoming a little girl and I say that with a heavy heart as I'm not ready to let my baby grow up just yet! You love your swimming so much and your swimming teacher Debbie loves to see you and always spends time making you smile and your eyes open so so wide with excitement when we get the pool toys out to play with - your favourite is a green rubber fish and he never fails to delight you! Swimming, along with bath time is the only thing you will tolerate when you are tired or grumpy. It seems no matter how tired, water raises your spirits, clears your head and leaves you full of enjoyment for the moment.

On the whole you're taking to weaning with great gusto, and there is nothing you aren't prepared to try. You make life so easy as you will merrily stuff anything in your mouth, and as such you are enjoying sharing mealtimes with Mummy and Daddy. I speak on your behalf when I say your favourite dinner to date is Toad in the Hole, as you tucked into the Yorkshire Pudding with such vengeance, one might have thought we had forgotten to feed you that day! You're still developing your technique and finger foods work best for you at the moment (carrot batons, broccoli stalks, other veg cut into 'chip' shapes so you have a handle), although you're becoming more dexterous and are taking great joy in trying other foods too. I believe you share our love of spices as your 'chickpea curry face' had us both laughing out loud, and you've made a pretty good effort with cous cous too. Well done!!

You're a joy to spend time with and we never tire of the noises you make. Our favourite by far is the sigh you make over and over when you are content and resting, we reply in the same tone, and you sigh again. We love it!! Please don't grow out of that sigh! You have learnt to wave, I think they taught you at nursery, and we spent the afternoon today watching you practice with Grandma and Great Gran Fran. I think it's only a matter of time before you learn your first word... I am still thinking it will be milk! Your Nanny and Grandpa from Norfolk are coming to see you next week and they are so excited not having seen you since Christmas. You will impress them with everything you do and everything you are. We are all so proud of you poppet. I can imagine we will share a laugh over the way you lay on your back exploring your toes, and put your foot in your mouth to nibble on it. Once or twice you have bitten yourself with those two lower teeth (that are sharp now) and you look really put out and sometimes cry. You then seem to take comfort from sucking on your foot again.... until you bite it. It's only a matter of time until you master the principle of cause and effect, I am certain.

You are very long now. The health visitor tells me we can't call you tall until you are able to stand - so until then you are 'long'. Maggie and I measured you for your 6 month milestone and you are 2 feet 4 inches already! If you carry on growing so well we think you will be 5 feet 9 inches when you are a grown up. We shall see! You weigh 19lbs 10oz now and you are consistent in your gain. We have swapped you onto follow-on milk now and touch wood it wont affect your night time sleep habit, which is still without fail impeccable. You did wake twice the first night you were suffering with your first common cold, but we knew you needed comforting and in the middle of the night I thought to myself, this is what it's all about. Being here for you when you need us.

Grace dear, before Mummy prattles on and gets way too mushy and sentimental, I will sign off now, but leave you with a snapshot of what is happening in the world, on your 6 month birthday. Remember we love you to the moon and back.

Mummy and Daddy (and Daisy-woof) x x x

So what's going on in the world today? Call this an e-timecapsule if you will...

A can of diet-coke costs 60p from a vending machine.

Diesel is 129.9p per litre.

A cinema ticket costs £7 for a Saturday night showing.

Our favourite red wine: Torres SANGRE DE TORO from Catalunya in Spain costs around £7.44 per bottle.

The movie, 'The King's Speech' is set to top the bill at the Oscars, Baftas and Golden Globes, for actor Colin Firths depiction of King George VI's effort to quash his stutter.

This week Mohammed Hosni Mubarak the Egyptian president has resigned after a 30 year reign. This followed weeks of protests by the people of Egypt.

US marine archaeologists have found the sunken whaling ship belonging to the captain who inspired Herman Melville's classic 19th Century novel, Moby Dick.

Great Train robber Ronnie Biggs has been taken to hospital after suffering a suspected stroke. Originally from Lambeth, south London, Biggs was among a 15-strong gang which attacked the Glasgow to London mail train at Ledburn, Buckinghamshire, in August 1963, making off with £2.6m.

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Piccies of Grace to follow when she's less tired :0)

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