Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Snuffle, Crackle and Pop!

Not cereal by any means. A poorly baby. Runny nose, chesty cough and the trots to round it off nicely. Poorly Grace has a chest infection and a viral bug in her gut as well. Again, Calpol is our friend, and that is followed a close second by Amoxycillin given to us by our kindly Doctor who took pity on us for the fact that Grace had done nothing more than want cuddles for the last 24 hours straight. Not even milk has raised a smile and she's at the point now where she's not producing any wet nappies. NHS Direct have been great since giving us advice on getting fluids into a reluctant baby, and we haven't done too badly with that so far. Having said that, she's not taken any milk at bedtime so we may be in for a sleepless night. Wish us luck... or I should say wish Matt the Husband luck - he does the night shift, bless him. Night all x x

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