Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Raspberry Ripple Effect

Giggles. Loud, wonderful, giggles... and plenty of them!

Grace has learnt a new skill and I'm so happy for her. Matt the Husband has numb lips and a red face from blowing so many raspberry's on her tummy and under her arms that he is starting to feel faint. The dog, bless her, is running scared as a raspberry to her is a signal she has done something a little naughty so we need to re-think that one as she keeps going to bed. As with any new skill, Grace is selective over who she practices with... evidently Mummy's raspberry's just don't cut the mustard. But I don't mind one little bit - my little girl can chuckle and laugh and I'm proud as punch.

I'd like to write a raspberry sound. Any ideas how?

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