Thursday, 3 February 2011

Brrrr...idlington Beach

Grace hanging out with her Daddy

Grace smiling for the camera

The 3 Bears

So beautifully sunny but oh so windy! We had a lovely time letting Daisy play in the waves while we sauntered along trying to shield Grace from the gusts trying to blow her and us away. It's the first time Grace has been in the harness facing forwards yet she settled in quickly and enjoyed the ride facing outwards! She delighted in watching Daisy running about like a lunatic and even put on her special smile for a photograph or two. Our tired girly slept all the way home in the car (Grace and Daisy). It's not our first trip to the beach although both have been equally windswept - last time Matt the Husband very nearly lost the buggy to a strong gust over the cliff edge on South Beach. Today had no such dramas, thank goodness!

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