Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cold Turkey

Well life can be a sod sometimes. The hard drive on the Mac has given up the will to live taking with it all of our photos and my personal files. Shitty crap arse. I don't often swear on here but I am a tad wired and ready to chuck the bloody thing through the window. Luckily the favoured few are on our flickr page so we still have our life in pictures but it's still a bind and I'm angry. Lesson learnt, I will now keep the pics on the memory card as well. GRRRRRRRRRRR! (Angry Mummy!)

Cold Turkey week one is going well. I'm out of cash this week, but we have everything we need until the end of the week so we're on track. I was dead impressed with our shopping bill and to be honest seeing as we spent less, Grace was simpler to occupy as the trip round the store was quicker. Our weekend was spend-free too - walking both days with the dog, enjoying the fresh air and making the most of what's left of the summer season... we got soaked both days. We loved it though and after five hours even the dog was ready for an early night after a good feed.

My diet is on hold since Matt the Husband has been baking trial batches of goodies for Grace's up and coming birthday party. Shortbread, cake, flapjack. I'm suprised I can still move. I argue this is ok seeing as we spent so many calories walking at the weekend, plus I swam for an hour yesterday while Grandma Potter had Grace, so I'm even stevens. The scales say different, but I'm not bothered... muscle weighs more than fat ha ha ha!!!

Grace has been struck down with a stinker of a cold and her new batch of teeth are coming through thick and fast. She has been very cuddly as she struggles to keep on top of everything, dosed up on calpol and lots of rest. She's sleeping loads but the bags under her eyes tell the true picture. Fingers crossed this episode passes quickly.

Oh and get this - Grace can support her weight leaning against the sofa for a nanosecond. You heard it here first ;0)

That's us for now, keep well friends! x

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