Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fridge Fantastic!

After dropping Matt the Husband at the station this morning, where Grace dutifully waved him off through the window as he walked down the hill to the platform, we returned home for breakfast. Weetabix and yoghurt under our belt we set about a few chores in the kitchen. Like most families I should think, the door to our fridge is a host of reminders of things to do, art sent home from nursery or school, a few unpaid bills and of course the odd photo pinned up from earlier on in life. So it isn't suprising then that Grace shuffles herself across the tiles on her bottom to pull everything she can reach off.

Not this morning. I'm still getting over the cuteness of it now - turning round to see her merrily waving at a piccy of her Mummy and Daddy, and another one of her Nanny and Grandpa. Cute? Heck, it's super cute!

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