Saturday, 27 August 2011

Potter Logic

For some time now, Gracie-bear has been hanging out at Grandma's house while I go to work and swan off to do Mummy things like swimming lengths. This combines nicely with nursery days and brings some balance to the week for Grace as well as keeping Grandma on her toes. We've worked hard with Grace to help her on her way to feeding herself, and as these pics show, she's even tackling the Big Five with finesse.

Tucking into one of her five a day

Reading a book with Grandma in between meals!

Lunch... with spready cheese (lump cheese on alternate weeks)...

Beans on toast! Yummy!

So yes, thanks to Grandma, Grace is growing up, Mummy is retaining a shred of her former life at work, and Grandma is busy keeping us all amused. What's your favourite type of cheese? Spready cheese :0)

Gotta love her x

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