Thursday, 18 August 2011

Coming of Age

It's official. If motherhood wasn't signal enough for turning the corner and becoming a bona fide adult, then surely doing the grocery shop online is. Thrilling it might not be, my Friday evening has had a very riveting start as I'm sat watching the Channel 4 News and adding goods to a virtual shopping trolley at the same time. Gracie bear has had her supper after nursery and is singing herself to sleep (I can hear her) while Matt the Husband sends a few gallons of water to waste in a bid to get clean in the shower. I don't know if shopping for groceries online is going to be cheaper but it has done a jolly good job of stopping the impulse spends that aren't on the list - usually whatever is reduced in the fridge, maybe some new threads for Grace, probably a bar of choccy and a magazine for me. (Don't tell the Husband).

Evidently I wasn't shopping online when this photo was taken, although it does show I have already benefited from stuffing less goodies popped into the trolley at check out.
Of course, the diet had a rocky weekend with our friends visiting from Wales and the party for Grace (read gluttony). I am back on track as of tomorrow. I did think about taking the dog for a jog this morning when I woke early and of course you and I both know thinking about doing something and doing something are different matters entirely. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. One thing I do know - there will be as Asda van on the driveway at some point between 7 and 9pm. Night all!

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