Thursday, 4 August 2011

It's flown

A year ago today, I was waddling like a duck and tapping my fingers impatiently on the TV remote, swigging pineapple juice by the pint and hoping something, anything would trigger labour on my due date. Of course she was late - the early surefire sign Grace has genes from the Langers side of the family!

A year on I'm still waddling like a duck as I try to shift the baby-weight (10lbs down since I last mentioned it!!!), but nothing more exciting happening today than a meeting in a steamy office with no air-con while its 27c and thundery outside while Grace is having fun at nursery.

Today is a monumental day for me and Matt the Husband. We are going cold turkey. Not just on food and drink but on everything. See here today is the day we are going to step towards real wealth in a bid to be debt free. I have our family debt on a loop on my screensaver and the numbers scare me! I have cancelled all the unecessary direct debits and memberships we didn't truly need or rarely used. I have even taken little G out of nursery one day a week in an effort to become debt free that little bit quicker - a hard nut to swallow as I firmly believe nursery is valuable for so many reasons. But Grandma's are valuable too so there's an upside to everything.

I've snowballed on a nifty little calculator I found on a website called whatthecost, and it's many months, years, suns and moons until our debt, our mortgage is paid off.

I'm a woman on a mission, and nothing is standing in my way!

Just one bottle of Veuve Clicquot tonight while Matt the Husband is out on a work frolic and we're good. Pronto.

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