Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Do as I do...

So as I was saying, Grace is taking more of an active role in her own welfare. Cleaning her teeth, washing her face, lathering the shampoo in her hair... whatever it is, she takes part... she's learning. Fortunately I was wise enough to send a choice of two sunhats to Grandma's house this morning, as Grace took care to make sure Rosie the Bear was safe in the sun too. (Ignore the fact she's indoors with the curtains drawn to keep the blazing sun out!)

Helping Rosie the Bear into her sunhat
Taking a step on from there, tonight me and Matt the Husband were treated to a dose of moisturiser from Grace while in the throes of getting her ready for bed. We both left the room smothered in pink lotion where she'd done her best to spread it out and rub it in. I'm hoping she picks up Indian Head Massage at nursery tomorrow.

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