Sunday, 15 July 2012

Strawberry Fields for Heather

Strawberry fields forever...

One of the best PYO's I have come across

Ripe for the picking, raspberry heaven

Motivated by the sun in the sky, we rushed Sunday breakfast to head off to the pick your own farm up near York. The Balloon Tree is an ace little family run affair with pick your own trail, farm shop, cafe and children's play area, highly recommended and well worth the 30 minutes in the car for us.

Grace loved the experience, and bless her heart she managed to get through the picking session with only a guilty lick of a strawberry until after we'd paid our dues. The coming days are sure to be packed with fruit, fruit with ice-cream and of course, fruit jelly. One thing Grace can't get enough of, is fruit...

Heading back to the farm shop to hand over the coffers for our fruit

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