Sunday, 29 July 2012

Heather goes running...

In just a weeks time I will be running the York 10k for charity. It's my first road race, and my first fundraising challenge too. I'm at 90% of my target so it's looking like I'll hit the goal to raise enough money to put an air conditioning unit into the animal hospital I'm running for. TOLFA (the Tree of Life for Animals) is a charity close to my heart. It's founder Rachel is a good friend of mine who decided to give up her life as a veterinary nurse in this country and buy a patch of wasteland in India.

Since that time some years ago now, she has built a hospital, with kennels, wards, treatment areas and an operating theatre. The team of vets and volunteers work hard, neutering strays and vaccinating against rabies which is prevalent out there.  And more recently they have started work on education projects with local villagers to help them better look after their cattle so they in turn can better help them work the land. It's a great project with no major sponsors. They also run a volunteer program for anyone with animal handling experience, from vet students, nurses to animal lovers who can offer nurturing care.


My training has been up and down. I suffer with an old back and knee injury so training runs have come in fits and starts inbetween bouts of forced recovery. I've managed to fit runs in early morning or after Grace has gone to bed, so I'm hoping with luck and the wind behind me, the effort I have put in will be enough. FINGERS CROSSED!

Photos from the charity can be seen here

A photobook (slum dogs of India) published can be viewed here

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