Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Imaginary beginnings

Tucked up in Mummy's bed this morning while I got ready for work, Grace took to reading her book to Upsy Daisy. Very cute to listen to although much of it made no sense at all, until she sat bolt upright and demonstrated with arms outstretched how Charley Bear flies his aeroplane.

Then I knew exactly where she was up to.


Her imagination is running rife at the moment. She has a little plastic Happyland horse that she spent the night with last night, we call him Fred the Foal after a board book I picked up for her in Wales last year. She adores both. I had to shoehorn Fred out of her clutches last night while she was sleeping, uncurling her fingers. The moment he released from her grasp, her hand started searching on the bed sheet so I popped Mr Rabbit back within reach and she settled until morning. Lovely.


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