Wednesday, 4 July 2012

You're cramping my style!

The journey to nursery is often telling....what mood is she in today?

It's three months now since Grace moved out of the baby-room at nursery and it's still something that looms over me every time I drop her off... what will today be like? Clinging to my leg, reaching her arms up for me are common, tears are getting less frequent (thankfully), and fortunately the full on tantrum is rare. There used to be none of this when she was a Pixie in the baby-room.

The other thing there used to be little of, was her pointing to the door telling me to go. Her face tells me she's fine. I'm not in a rush to go as our timing was spot on this morning, I have time to chat to another Mum about children's parties. Grace points to the door again, nodding for me to shift it.

I'm clearly cramping her style.

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