Monday, 23 July 2012

When life gives you lemons

Getting out of bed the wrong side this morning, one tired bear braved all and made it to Fairburn Ings to feed the ducks and toddle round the reserve on the look out for a better mood (and some birds, obviously).

Grace didn't find it, bless her, so instead we fed her banana oat muffins and a bruised apple and that seemed to cheer her up enough to sit and have her photo taken with her pals from the village Berrie and Grace Rebecca. Missing smile ignored, I loved the expression on her face in the top photo, it really does look like she's sucking lemons... and as for the crazy hair - what's with that??!!

After the meet up at Fairburn we went home for a nap which I hedged my bets would see Grace sleeping most of the afternoon and waking in a better frame of mind.

Not so.

2 hours later (still fair innings, but woefully inadequate for mummy's tired bear) and we headed off into the garden for paddling pool and play house time. Had a blast, enjoyed it, just tired myself now after 4 hours of pandering to every whim of a tired toddler (now dosed with calpol in case it's her last teeth coming through... are there more to come?!)

p.s. please do not blink. This is the TWO DAYS OF SUMMER.

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  1. Her crazy hair is ace! Just like mine! You'll be fine Grace! Stick with me kid! X